Friday, August 31, 2012

My Zener test

Today I decided to take a classic Zener Card test over at -
I dare say I did pretty well

The idea is simple, you have a deck ,with 5 different cards in it, of various basic shapes, circle ,square, cross, star, wavy-lines.  the control (or in this case the computer) picks a card at random, you then try to guess what card it picked.

There is of course a certain basic statistical chance that you will guess correctly, the idea is to create a large enough sample group, and compare how many you guessed properly, to what statistics say you should have gotten

There's my results from a 100 card test set, 
I guessed 43 correct, out of 100 cards, 
that's 115% above what statics say i could guess by pure random luck chance
1, in 4.6 million is the likelihood of getting a score like this.

Does this mean I Have ESP?  probably not
maybe just good intuition
maybe after so many card,s i was subconsciously predicting the pattern of the software
who knows,
either way it was fun, interesting, and tickled my math funny bone for a bit