Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Daughters Birthday

My Daughter recently turned 6 years old. It was great, she had two separate birthday parties, because my family & my wife's family, couldn't get the same days off/available.

She's extremely Happy to be turning Six, and getting ready to go into the first grade, and she Loved all her presents,  She got a nice huge collection of story books (she loves to read) including some classic golden books as well as some newer Dora the explorer ones. She got a lot of arts & crafts type goodies, including a "monster High" Branded Make your own doll kit.

Monster high is her favorite show, it's a Web-series about fashionista versions of the classic movie monsters children, going to high school.  For instance one of the main characters is "Frankie" Frankensteins daughter.  You can find more info here

I like that she's into it because it's got a good overall vibe, the tag line for the series is "be unique be yourself be a monster, and although it's a lot of girly fashion type stuff, it's a lot about making your own look not following someone Else's trend, and seems to fly in the face of the standard pink/rainbows/unicorns stuff.  has a very Gothic chick punk rock attitude, which i can totally deal with.

I've rambled, sorry,  anyway, to round out the birthday, a monster high branded Fedora, a Sansa Mp3 player in purple and monster high branded headphones.

She uses them constantly, all in all it was great to see her so Happy and also to see that shes STILL using almost every present, weeks later, rather than getting bored with them quickly.

I'm a happy & proud Daddy.

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