Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Kids are safe, please shut up

ok to start the welfare system needs help, my youngest broke his wrist, in our own home ,by falling off the couch , a 2 foot drop, but he landed wrong ,there is nothing anyone anywhere could do to prevent this, suffice to say insurance is making us leave him in just a splint for 5 days, and then we have to drive an then away to get a cast put on in another city.

So as my wife takes our youngest to get his cast out on, that leaves me, without a drivers license home ,and the kids have to get home from school.  We talked about it, and we are going to let them walk, the like 4 blocks, home... many of their neighbors and friends who live on the same street walk to & fro from school, every day
we are i na safe neighborhood. and its a short walk

my kids are 5, and 7.  they have walked the route many times with my wife accompanying them.  I sadly am not in good enough shape to make the trek myself. but it's not a long walk, in fact I'm so confident I'm going to publish here, the directions they will be taking home
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In fact it's even a little shorter than that, because google maps wont let me manually change which side of the school they come out of.

it's just less than half a mile... nothing but suburban nice, community all the way,  lots of other parents teachers, crossing guards....  and yet, my mother, my grandmother, my mother in law, are all freaking out.  the proverbial "what if something happens?"

they are in plain view of the school msot of the way, the place is crawling with crossign guards teachers & parents. really, hundreds of them....   The Sherrif, tends to drive past, and park nearby aroudn this time ,fro mwhat I've seen at least.  The police station itself is only another mile away, I can not think of a scenario that is much safer.

So to all the worry warts out there
please, Shut up,  they'll be fine.

for those that are sane check out - the kids walk to school program to promote health, and self esteem
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