Tuesday, February 07, 2012

My New USB Hub

Ok short version of the story.  a Very very good friend of mine had planned on ordering me a rare, special edition RPG book when it hit the presses, as a birthday present back in October. However it still has not gone to print and seems like it may not ever get there, so instead he ordered me a new USB hub which he knew I desperately needed.

He is also well aware of the fact that lately I’ve been in this phase of picking things to match the color scheme of my Nice red alienware M17x Laptop.

Enter the Rosewill RHB-320R

This is an awesome hub, good reviews first off, the price is great, it normally runs $24 we caught it on sale for around $12. 7 port powered hub.

what surprised me the most, when I unboxed it was the weight, it turns out that the small round pedestal which it sits on, is SOID metal, it can be unscrewed, and has small rubber pads for light travel, without slipping too much, but in a more stable environment, the metal stand weights it down nicely and could even be used as a cord wrap

3 Ports in front as seen, one port in back, and 3 more on top, under the little clearish plastic flap.

Overall I’m very happy with the product and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to add a few more USB ports to their system.  Hell Buy this and use is as an excuse to buy more USB powered gadget,s it will be worth it