Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Years Resolutions, a Bit Late


The New year was a hectic time for me and my family, we had LOTS going on, with two birthdays in January, and another at the beginning of February, It was a rough month.  Not to mention a lot of more personal issues.

I’ve never been a very strong believer in New Years resolutions, People make them because it’s a tradition.  Because it’s a tradition its done out of habit and seems to not carry any real weight.

Much like many people go to church out of habit, rather than any real reverence, or saying “ I love you” can seem more a mundane greeting than something special, because you say it every morning/evening, the same way, the same time,  it looses some impact.

Instead I want to make some resolutions now, and some of them may be laughable, some of them may not, But I’m making them with serious intent rather than out of some obligation or tradition

  1. I want to be more social online.
    1. I know this sounds silly, but I get nervous meeting new people online, where in real life, I'm very sociable and outgoing, I’ll strike up conversations in line,s and make new friends.  But for some reason on line I tend to shy away from people, I’m not nearly as outgoing or Extroversive, and Id like to change that.
  2. I want to learn more about E-bay.
    1. I know about it, I get the basics, But I’ve gotten to a point where I really should sell off some of my old stuff, and I want to know a LOT more about it, before I set down to do so.
  3. To resume my Miniature Painting.
    1. For more than a Year now I haven't painted hardy at all. The space I have to work in is VERY limited, and my children, have been “an issue” they were at one point to young to really understand, and I had trouble with them getting into the paints, the minis etc. if left un-attended.  Now that Jack & Katy are old enough my youngest Ethan has started walking, and we have to keep him out of stuff, at 2 years old he can’t even talk and defiantly doesn’t understand/listen very well.  However I am determined to find a solution that works and begin painting again, I love it too much to let it die.
  4. To Resume my 3D Rendering Work
    1. I used to love making Scenery in Bryce 3D, I want to work with 3D modeling again, but the landscape in that field has changed drastically, and I need to learn how to use the software that is available now.
  5. Take more photographs and Movies
    1. I love photograph,y I used to work for hours In a dark room with my dad developing black & white photo’s. Now I have children ,I want to spend more time taking pictures and video’s of them.  I want to take more pictures and video’s in general, perhaps even post some things to youtube.
  6. Make More Machinima!!
    1. Another hobby I loved but have let go,  The Laptop I have now was designed with the idea of Machinima in mind, a large part of my problem has been a lack of inspiration. The other portion is I need to become more familiar with the video editing software I wish to use, I want to move away from windows movie maker, and the slight, minimal grasp I have of Adobe premiere. I may look into learning premiere more or attempting to learn Sony Vegas.
  7. Post to my Blog more often
    1. This relates a bit to being more sociable, but I just plain should Dag-nabit!