Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Medium Fair

Today started off with a smile

It’s election day, so the kids have no school, and of course, they still have tons of Halloween candy.  My son, after getting dressed this morning asked if he could play video games, a usual routine.  as usual I told him “how about after Breakfast, is that fair?”   He said “that’s a little fair” and was slightly dejected. 

So I responded in what I thought was a wise and sage like manner “well then, how about ,breakfast, first, then the games, and a piece of candy, is that more fair?”  to which my son, not smiling, but keeping a very even and serious face “Its Medium fair. OK” and then sat down and waited for his bowl of cereal.

I think “medium Fair” is going to be my phrase of the week now,  I’ll find some way to work it into every conversation, as an homage to my son.