Monday, September 13, 2010

First Splinter

Today at school my son got his first real splinter.

The teacher did a good job, she bandaged it, but left it up to us to get it out,  didn’t want to cross that line you know?


so my son came home with a bandaged hand, very scared, but not crying (yet).  And showed us his Boo-Boo.

He Sat on mommy’s lap while Daddy went to try & get the splinter out,  and of course it was a very flat piece of wood, so grabbing it with thee tweezers was difficult.  My son was told he had a splinter by the teacher, but he had never heard the term before, so I tried to explain as I went.  When i told him he had a piece of wood in him he exclaimed “Whoa Wood!?!?”  And became very interested.  He didn’t cry the whole time I was messing with the splinter, but after I got it, out he said it hurt, and a couple of small tears leaked out,  but we got the remaining divot cleaned out with soap & water, and then Hydrogen peroxide, he thought the bubbling was cool.   then soap & water again & a nice clean new Band-Aid. 

All is now well and good.

No one over reacting

no one suing schools

no schools going insane.