Sunday, August 15, 2010

Facebook can go to hell

Ok I'm done with facebook .

that's it. No more.

You guys have gone overboard now Today I woke up unable to log into Facebook. now mind you I haven't been to the Facebook PAGE in bout 6 months. I use an external Program (Digsby) to use the chat/messenger feature.

Notifications from facebook go through to other locations, Rss feeds etc. Yet today I wake up to find a message that my account has been suspended. The reason for the suspension is a "security precaution" they believe that I fell prey to a phishing scam, and entered my username & pass onto a website that looked like facebook, but wasn't facebook.  I found several of my friends got this same message on the same day

Ok, annoying, completely false, but whatever. so firs,t it needs my name & pass, ok fine, Then it needs me to fill out a recapcha to prove I'm human, okay fine now I have to prove, who I am, that I, am Me. their method of doing so?


That’s right, Their requirement, for me to get my password back ,is to dig through a set of photos, of my friends etc. and label them appropriately.

Now the inherent security flaws of this aside, such as ,naming people I only friended for games or whatever.  It seems very fishing to me,  that Facebook changes around the entire structure of how it handles, tags, interests, etc. and then suddenly, A bunch of people conveniently get suspected, of “falling prey to a phishing scam”  and have to go and tag a bunch of photo’s.  

AAlso note, that I can’t get ANY questions wrong, and I can only skip two of them.

Here’s my first image.


Note:  this is image, one of seven.

and though I can’t logon to facebook right now, I’d be willing to bet that these are photos, that, by sheer coincidence of course, are as of yet un-tagged.

But wait it gets better.   Second Picture, Was someone I didn’t recognize, but the multiple choice elimnated possibilities easy enough.

Now for the third photo:


Wow Facebook,  thank you,  really…..  so is this my sister-in-laws newboarn child fro ma few months ago , one of the 6 year old pictures of my friends daughter that’s floating around on hi facebook account,  what did he name her again?    yeah this sucks.

I had to use one of my two skips here:

I got another one correct, and then was faced with this:


Is that my uncle Vinney?  he was always a bright guy. ((ba-dum-dum-ching)  Really facebook?  I have one skip left, 2 images yet to identify (without errors).  And we can see that Facebook is apperently just grabbing random photos from within my friends profiles, again I suspect they lean towards those that are not tagged, because well,  who’s name do you tag this to?

2nd Skip used.

So here we Go:


Please note the ALL MALE list of names in the multiple choice there.   Not also the close-up tag, on the flower. ……  

WTF? facebook.  are you trying to loose customers?  I must now make a choice, almost randomly, not as to who this is a picture of ,but essentially, a wild guess, ad to who’s photo page it is on.

Let’s be logical a moment.  lets assume, that i know for sure who’s child this is. I then click that persons name.  but wait,  it wasn’t on THEIR page, it was on one of our mutual friends page, fro ma cook-out/pool-party/birthday/etc.  

That would make me wrong, and with both skips used, impossible to prove I’m me.

SO I took a stab at it.  I made a guess, Picked my choic,e clicked confirm and was presented with this little diddy:


Yup,  not only is it ridiculous,  it’s apparently Timed.   No having my wife look up pictures to help me apparently,  takes to long.  So I’m back where I started, to be forced into tagging another set of random pictures that have nothing I repeat

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with proving my identity.


I will admit.,  this was only my first attempt,  I tried three more times to go through their security check.

I didn’t screen cap everything it would take forever.  But i receive pictures of people in full Halloween mask/outfits, pictures of peoples pets,  group photos with more than one head, boxed/marked.  One picture of someone's new Pick-up Truck.  It was completely ludicrous.  There is something horribly horribly wrong at Facebook.

Right now, there are only a few places I have entered my facebook login info.

That’s it.  these are all widely used, respected, companies/services.  unless one of them was compromise,d there is no chance of my account having been compromised, especially as I changed my password fairly recently.

So  I’ll be using facebook no longer.  even if i wanted, to  i can’t get back into my account.  It shall sit there, unused, until they decide to delete it I guess.


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