Friday, June 11, 2010

My Kids love Wii Sports

This is cool. I've mentioned before that my son has been loving the Nintendo Wii, and has been kicking my but at both Mario kart and the new Super Mario bros Wii. Recently we started playing Wii sports together. My son was starting to get a better grasp of how to use the Wii remote in more subtle ways, so I popped in Wii sports.

now he's hooked.

He loves Wii golf and Wii bowling the most, and wants to play with me constantly, which is a really cool feeling. He's not to keen on the Wii boxing though. Wii Tennis he has a little trouble with, as he can figure out swinging the racket, but the timing and moving the character is awkward for him. Wii Baseball still needs some work, but we haven't pushed to hard as he doesn't seem to have as much fun with it anyway.

I think what will be cool, is if we can scrap the money together to take him to a REAL bowling ally after a while, and see how he reacts :)

Either way, it's nice to have more activities that we can share & do together.

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