Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why I will never buy Activision's Blur

Why I will never buy Activision's Blur:

Ok this is actually very simple, the reason is because they have seriously pissed me off with an asinine viral marketing campaign.

Their commercial, which seems to be an intentional dig at Mario kart, is fricking EVERYWHERE!

(insert long string of nerd rage fueled expletives here)

The commercial first of is kind of dumb, but i've given up on intelligence in advertising anyway, so I wont nit-pick that. My problem is that every video i watch on the internet the lat two days, it's there, every YouTube video, ever daily motion, every college humor. Every single video I tried to watch today had an un-skippable advertisement for this game.

Now The idea of having Advertisement,s placed in front of YouTube video's is a bit obnoxious to begin with, but the same damn commercial each and every time is just completely uncalled for.
I am not joking, i have seen this exact commercial forty-seven times today.
So Activision, if you are reading this, realize, that your own insistence, on advertising everywhere, is what will cause me to never, ever buy this game.
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