Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bored and security minded

Today was interesting  i just finally finshed reading Corey Doctrows book "Little Brother"   very good book.  made me think a lot about seciurity, so I decided to get some security apps, and see how hard it would be to configure them to use some of the oddball software i tend to use.

My browser is Google chrome
my IM client is Digsby,
my e-mail I usually do directly through G-mail's web interface

I grabbed GpG4Win
I grabbed ToR

Chrome was FAR easier than I thought,  without the use of Tor button or similar add-ons seen in Firefox I found a simple Elegant solution.  A chrome Extension called Proxy Switchy!
It allows you to pre-configure multiple different connection/proxy settings for chrome, and switch between them with a button click, without restarting the browser.

Getting Digsby to work was.... not so good.  The proxy settings are somewhat hidden ,you can not get to them through the main programs, preferences window,  instead, you have to log out, taking you back the the main window where you enter your username & pass,  underneath that is a small "connection settings" text link.  From there you can configure it to use a proxy of your choice, simple enough.  unfortunately upon switching to TOR, two services claimed "you are trying to connect to frequently" and refused to connect.

GPG4Win was a different problem.  As of yet thee is no elegant way to integrate it into chrome for use with web-mail.  on Firefox there are add-ons that can accomplish this.   of course, nothing stops me from getting an actual e-mail client like Thunderbird, and configuring it to use G-mail  but the point here was to see how well it worked with my existing setup.   to implement high end security while making as few changes as possible.

Towards that end the only real solution is to make use of GpG4Win's clipboard functionality,  cutting & pasting entire e-mails to get them signed, encrypted, verified or decrypted. 

not the easiest solution  but not horrible in-efficient either

All in all I mainly did this because i was bored, it took me less than 15 min from download of software to full implementation though, it was really easy.  and would have been easier still using other software.

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