Sunday, April 18, 2010

Vuze Plus for $24.99 a year? WTF?

Vuze: The most powerful bittorrent client in the world. [] 

Okay,  so here's the breakdown Vuze which is built on open source code, and I'll admit is one of my favorite clients now has a Pay version

What do you get when you pay $25/year to subscribe to their pay version

Built in antivirus, and DVD burning from within the client...    That's it....

No seriously that's it.

Can someone explain this to me?  I really want to know what on earth makes them think anyone will buy this

lets look at it point by point, the DVD Burner, is NOT going to have the same features as a major application like say Nero.  It's a simple drag torrent to disc, click to burn disk.  it's not doing any trans-coding, it's not re-naming your files, you can organize or sort the files,  you are simply burning a straight up Data-DVD with the torrents on it.

There are tons of free DVD burners that offer way more than that, CDburnerXP, Img burn, just off the top of my head.  So why pay, for DVD burning, that has less features, than a free app?

Then there's the built in antivirus.  my First complain  it's bit-defender based, they do not have the best track record, and again  it does nothing that any other AV app on the market can do,  it will scan inside compressed files, It will skip "safe" files for faster scanning

I dare you to name an anti-virus app that does NOT do the above....  go on  i'll give you a minute..

and in the realm of Free we have Avira, Avast, AVG, then there's the paid ones, that outrank bit-defender, such as...well.. anything. really... Bit defender sucks period

So in essence, the Vuze team is taking their open-source software, adding a couple of really crappy "features" That can be easily  Replaced by Free software.

In fact truth be told, if you are downloading torrents regularly, it's likely you already have a DVD burner app that you like, and you probably already run antivirus of some sort.

So really I think Vuze is making a huge mistake here, I can see no reason why anyone would want this, even as a one time fee, let alone as a yearly subscription

Update: It has been brought to my attention ,that although un-documented so far, and presented poorly the DVD burning is a function of Vuze's built in trans-coder, previously used to convert to i-pod, and other formats, so it will be using FFMPEG to trans-code most sources you can find into formats playable by your run of the mill DVD player.

Again this is something most regular torrent down-loaders will already have, I can't say that Vuze is giving something that seems worth $25/year, but it seems they are making an effort to make Vuze a one stop media station for your PC, and doing so with open source code is fairly cool
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