Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wow Interviews Shadowclan, an All orc RP guild


Shadowclan Interview


This is a great article,  Blizzard occasionally interviews interesting players/clans/fan sites etc.  In this article they interview a Guild called Shadowclan.  Shadowclan is a Dedicated hardcore RP guild, comprised of ONLY Orcs.  They’ve actually been around longer than WoW,  the started out in Ultima online (same place i got my MMo start).

A few great things about this article, one it touches a lot on Role-playing, being in character, how they elegantly deal with detractors, and people not understanding the RP aspect of the game.

What’s more interesting ,and i think this can go a lot farther that RP players, it talks about how they’ve changed tactics and in game beliefs to accomplish goals.  All to often in WoW you’ll hear things like “you need a mage to beat so & so”.  Tried and true tactics, are taken as scripture,and people saying there might be another way, get mocked.  But shadowclan is an All Orc guild,  they’ve had to learn ,to come up with new strategies, in order to make up for the deficit of certain classes, that Orc’s can not be.

I think a lot of people could take a lesson from this.  They have defeated Mechanar with a four-orc group of three shamans and one warrior.  An impressive feat by most standards.  And yet people have mocked, them ,told them it couldn’t be done, and worse I'm sure.

So next time someone calls you a n00b, says your spec is dumb, that it wont work, or whatever else,  remember that just because your doing it different does NOT mean you are doing it wrong.


Hat’s off to you Members of Shadowclan.  You may be an enemy of my Faction,  but you have my utmost respect.