Sunday, March 07, 2010

The Ultimate Gaming Room


The Ultimate Gaming room

Okay, some people think I spend a lot of time Gaming.  the word obsession has been thrown around at least casually


These guys however, put me & anyone I’ve ever known to shame!

This is simply awesome,  click the link above for pics.  These guys redid a room in their house, with Wooden, Iron banded Doors, Stonework covering on the walls, Gothic Chandeliers, and Wall torches, all controlled by a dimmer switch that the GM has, WALLS of books, it looks to be about 3 copies of every D&D product ever made (and I do mean everything, even a couple old intellivision game cartridges).  They also installed Fog machines for total ambience.

The main door needs a hand-made skeleton key in order to EXIT the room,  There is also a motion sensor connected to the lights hidden under an iron jail-cell style key ring on the wall.  And to top it all of, the closet where he keeps the more serious collectables, has a portcullis.

I must say I’m seriously impressed.  This is a level of dedication to ones hobby that you just have to respect.