Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Writing help?

I was thinking lately about my lack of being able to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard as it were)

I was thinking about it a lot ,and remembering how in high school I was pumping out stories like a man possessed, short stories, novella’s, poetry,  whatever, i did it all.  I was trying to think about differences between now and then,  not just environmental, but internally.  what could make my creative juices dry up so much? 

The other day a friend of mine was working on a character background, and he asked me for help,  he had a solid background, but with one small problem,  there was one facet of his life that he couldn’t connect.  "”how can I get him from situation a, into situation b”  And idea’s flooded out of me,  i came up with a solid 5 paragraphs on the spot, within a few minutes.

that’s when it sort of dawned on me,  it’s not that my creative juices are dried up , they re there, but sort of stagnant,  i need an external spark to light them.  back in high school creative writing class gave me assignments “write in this style”  “write about this theme”  etc.   I no longer have that.  it’s not my creativity that’s gone, but my inspiration.

What I'm looking for now is away to put my theory to the test, and perhaps write my way out of a funk

what i need are concepts idea’s assignments.

so anyone that has an idea, or someone that knows of like a random plot generator or some such ,  lend me a hand in the comments.


hopefully with any luck I can regain my muse as they say.