Monday, February 08, 2010

Should a Teen Who Forwards a Sext Land on Sex Offender Registry? « FreeRangeKids


Should a Teen Who Forwards a Sext Land on Sex Offender Registry? « FreeRangeKids


okay this is horrible – Full story linked above.  Another time I want to be really clear on a subject here.

Boy #1 receives naked pic of girlfriends,  Girl and boy, are both underage,  Moral  question of this should be reserved for another time.’


Boy & Girl break up,  Boy #1 is a douche and sends the pic to other people,  several of who are themselves underage.  This behavior i will state is reprehensible but not the point of our discussion


now  boy #2 who receive,d a picture on his cell phone, forwarded it to a friend.

Boy #2  is going to end up on the sex offender list.


Now  like said I want to be clear,  I’m not saying that what Boy #1 one did was right, he sent a picture of an underage naked girl to his friends, who were also underage,   this is a dumb dumb thing, but he’s not some 40 year old guy who’s going to kidnap little girls,  he’s looking at a pic of someone in his own age range.


Boy #2, Who simply received a picture, and shared it with a friend, SHOULD NOT be on the sex offender list, fucking period.  his dad took away his computer, internet, and cell phone privileges.  he also is making his son do community service,  that’s some good damn parenting in my opinion, and as far as I'm concerned it should end there.  there is no sense, in ruining this kids life, when he didn’t even know the age of the girl in the photo


The problem here is that we destroy not only the children’s life with this BS,  but the whole point of the sex offender registry, was to protect kids from career predators.  And the more useless, un-necessary, harmless people we flood the list with, the more useless the list itself becomes. 

Soon it gets to the point where there’s a “listed sex offender” in every fricking neighborhood, and 90% of them are harmless.   Like a girl who mailed a picture of herself topless to her boyfriend, or a man who took a piss on the highway next to his car, and got seen by a passing teen.   These are people who are not a danger to anyone, (save themselves)  but have had their lives ruined by being placed on a sex offender, list,.   and also  they complicate the lives of others.


Imagine checking your neighborhood and finding 3 sex offenders on your block.  You start taking the appropriate precautions, watching your kid closer, letting them outside less, etc.  only to find out that two of them were 16 year olds, that had sex with another 16 year old, and the other just took a whiz in public while drunk.   how would you feel?

now think that your Tax dollars are going towards prosecuting these people, and towards maintaining these lists.