Thursday, February 04, 2010

My Child is Hurt, and I Didn’t Freak out


MY Son & Daughter were playing, general running around, pretend games, Daughter of 3 years, fell and started crying.  She tends to cry, a lot over little things, she’s the baby in the family, so at first, it was the usual “it’s okay, kiss it better” etc.   Then she tried to stand up,  took two steps and promptly fell on her butt.

This is where I’m proud to say we DID NOT freak out.  Calmly, but with concern, we checked her ankle.

We asked her to move her foot.  Ok

We asked her to wiggle her toes. Ok

We asked her to move her ankle/foot in a circle.   She said it hurt, but she did it just fine, and that it hurt to walk on it.


Now I’ve had broken bones, sprains, I always rough housed a lot as a kid.  I’ve been through it enough times to kind of know what to look for.  Well I’ve survived with a minimal of medical care during childhood

So we got her off her feet, sat her in mommy’ lap to calm her down a little bit.  We put an ice-pack on her ankle.  After about 5 minutes she could walk again but still said it hurt,  she made it all the way across the room though, with a slight limp.  We’re giving her the ice pack for another 15 min ,and some Tylenol right before bed, then we’ll see how it is in them morning.

No ER, no frantic parenting.   if it’s still bothering her a lot tomorrow,  we’ll go to a doctor,  and you know what, we still won’t be freaking out, because in the ling run i KNOW this isn’t a serious broken bone, or life-altering injury, my child has felt pain,  which is not  good thing, but she will survive, and life will move on, and the world keeps revolving.  And my bet is that by tomorrow morning, she’ll be fine, and running around, happy and ready to do more stupid kid stuff that worries me & her mother again.