Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kindle or Nook

Relevant Links:


Barnes & Noble Nook

Amazon Kindle

The topmost link is a website dedicated to comparing the two devices feature by feature.  the other two are links to the product pages for the nook & kindle respectively.

Now I find myself in a quandary.  I love the idea of a e-ink book reader.  I’m not sure which to choose, and all the info in the world, is great, but the general populace uses these gadgets differently than I would, so I’m looking for advice and opinions.

My e-book reader, will be used largely for viewing my PDf book collection.  I have kids,  my print books get destroyed, quickly.  I also have a love for many older and out of print RPG books.  I’m not here to advocate blatantly illegal piracy, but that being said, when a publisher stops making a book, and then closes shop,  it’s not like there’s a warehouse full of unsolved copies floating around.  And there isn’t a huge collectors market for such things, so it’s not like I can go onto e-bay, and find copies of the “tales from the crypt” RPG easily or affordably.

Add to this the few (dearly beloved) publishers who legitimately publish in PDF, drive-thu RPG.com the short lived WOTC PDF copies of game books for D&D insider etc.  So what i end up with is entire product lines, of old RPG books, lovingly scanned in as PDF by fans sitting on my hard drive.  Anyone who has ever tried to thumb through a PDf on their computer, it can be a hassle, more-so if not well bookmarked. also if not OCR’d so as to be text searchable.  Many group platy with a laptop now,  but many times this is meant to speed up play.  Stopping to try and scroll 300+ pages through a PDF to find an item your looking for slows down play.

This is unavoidable, but still having a separate, highly portable, fast, responsive PDF reader at my side, that I can keep a collection of books on sounds very appealing to me.  I probably wont be buying a ton of Best selling books online,  it’s largely going to be used to take books to & from my computer, more often than not in PDF format.

So given these thins, certain features may become more or less desirable than they are to the general audience,  on the other hand, i can find ways to make features work.  For instance, 3G Access seems far less important given the scenario above, on the other hand it could be used to quickly access The hypertext D20SRd or other online resources/tools.  I’m not sure what the kindles browser supports, but basic JavaScript support, would allow for a lot of RPG related online tools to be at my fingertips.

Not having Wi-Fi (wireless G et.al) access at first seems like a downside, but with 3G I have no problem setting up a dedicated FTP account or some such assuming the kindle would be capable of connecting to it.

So in short I’m not sure which I’d be more interested in.  I’d love to hear from people with first hand experience with either product, who could help tell me, or would be willing to dedicate a few minutes towards testing the capabilities of either product.  find out of the kindle can connect to FTP resources, or drop-box, or some similar sharing function.  What about the nook,  how does it handle Shared folders?  Windows 7 compatible?   these are things i can’t find out through my normal research so far.  If you can help, let me know in the comments