Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How Pathfinder is Different from D&D 3.5

  • Here's a list of what they say they changed in their FAQ.
  • How does the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game improve on the core 3.5 fantasy system?
  • Grappling a monster no longer requires you to have a master's degree in combat rules with a minor in spatial mechanics.
  • Using a polymorph spell does not require 3 different FAQ documents, 4 bestiaries, and a mountain of house rules.
  • Clerics can actually cast their prepared spells instead of converting them into healing.
  • Bards don't suck. Now they can make you die with laughter.
  • Monks don't suck. When they use flurry of blows they actually hit.
  • Paladins don't suck. Smite evil lasts until your target is dead.
  • Rangers don't suck. You really do not want to be a ranger's quarry.
  • Sorcerers don't suck. Bloodlines give you a host of cool powers and abilities.
  • There is now a reason to wear medium armor. With a good Dexterity score, you can get an AC of 19 by just wearing a breastplate.
  • Building the skill list of a rogue 5/barbarian 3/assassin 2 now only takes about 2 minutes.
  • Use Rope is gone. Climbing a wall requires only one skill check.
  • Spellcasters do not have to spend a bunch of ranks on Concentration (or any other skill) to be able to cast their spells in the middle of combat.
  • At high levels, a fighter can cause a character to become blinded and stunned with a critical hit.
  • At high levels, a paladin can cure a character that is blinded and stunned with a touch.
  • Curses, diseases, and poisons are now something that the players want to avoid contracting.
  • Putting together an encounter only requires you to add up the XP totals of the monsters you are using.
  • You do not have to wear a Christmas tree of magic items to be a successful adventurer. Monsters are designed with normal characters in mind.
  • Creating magic items now comes with the risk of making a cursed item if you are not well-prepared and careful.
  • You never, ever have to "de-level" your character.
  • With more healing and reusable abilities, the 15-minute adventuring day is a thing of the past.
  • You don't have to scrounge through secondhand bookstores to find the rulebooks. The Pathfinder

Now I’m not saying that the game is perfec,t i have qualms with it, especially in certain aspects, regarding Monks being a little nerfe,d and skill points being on the low side.  But all in all a significant improvement to D&D 3.5   IMO a very very worthwhile buy.  500 page book ,that comprises both Players Guide & DM’s guide, for $49