Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dungeons & Dragons Player's Strategy Guide: – a Shattered dream Dungeons & Dragons Player's Strategy Guide: A 4th Edition D&D Supplement (9780786954889): James Wyatt: Books

I don’t know where to begin,  I’m seriously upset now.  What little faith I had remaining in wizards of the coast, is now gone, completely and totally.  I've given up all hope of 4th edition redeeming itself as of now.

WOTC. You have failed me.  You broke promise after promise concerning 4E, what’s more, you don’t seem to care,  your making your primary fan base hate you, in a trade off to get quick bucks fro ma new less-loyal customer base.  in the long rum  this is a bad business model, and you know it.

Things you promised but haven’t done

  • PDF copies of the books
  • Character visualizeer
  • virtual Game table
  • Races that are more than a one time stat bonus
  • Races “growing” with levels
  • D&D insider in general
  • Dragons wouldn't be stereotypes


I want to be clear, these aren’t things I don’t like, these aren’t wishes,  these are things, specifically promised, to us,e for D&D 4E many of them at the D&D experience shortly before 4E’s release, these are things WOTC Said they would do, and then didn’t.

to worsen problems, you have frequently changing (not updating, changing) errata, and then customer service answers that directly conflict with that errata ,and each other.  Literally, go to the message boards, you can find two people calling up customer service, with the same rules question and getting different answers.   not to mention , calling up customer service, for rules clarifications, in an RPG…. I probably shouldn’t get started on that one


I know, I know the simple answer “don’t buy the books don’t play the game”

But role-playing has been a huge part of my life for a long time, and to see something you love get stepped on, and made into a mockery, is disheartening.