Monday, January 18, 2010

What is the world comming to?

Businessman Mirko Fischer sues British Airwars 'for treating men like perverts' | Mail Online

This is the basics of the story linked above.  British Airlines has a new policy.  Male passengers (and male's only) are not allowed to sit next to children, Tat are not their own kids.

If, for instance, my wife & I were traveling only with our eldest, son,  and we sat next to each other, then our son in the row in front of us,  No male passenger could sit next to him... ever... The plane will refuse to take off, until any "offending" male changes seats.

Here's where it gets sticky, as in the story above, many classes of seating are 3 seats wide.  Mr Fischer and his pregnant wife were traveling.  His wife specifically booked a window seat, because they figured it would be more spacious.  This left Mr Fischer in the middle seat,  and by the ticket #'s he was sitting next to a 12 year old boy.   As the flight crew carefully checked the identity of ech passenger, he was asked to move.  Mr. Fisher explained his wife was pregnant, and didn't want to move so he could help her during the flight.  The Stewardess raised his voice, causing many other passengers to turn in alarm at the commotion,  The flight attendant threatened that the plane would not take off until he moved.

Now I have a lot of problems with this.  the least of which is that it only applies to Male adult's.  But more over  every stranger is a perverted pedophile just waiting to snatch your kid now.  This is getting ridiculous.  it's a mass hysteria,  Can we sue the media for this or something?

Here's some facts. you may here a number like "800,00 kids go missing each year"  yes sort of.   
some 790,500 people under 18 "go away"  these are NOT kidnappings, a 17 year old running away from home ,falls into this category of missing.
of those, 2003,900 are family abductions, custody cases & the like,  58,200 were non family abductions (which in most cases, involved children goign to a friends house without telling their parents) , and less than 115 were stereotypical kidnappings. 
Those statistics are from 2002
Everything I've read says that kidnapping and child molestations are on the decline.  thee most recent figure I hear,d but was unable to verify,  was that yearly child abductions by a stranger were down to 50 a year

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