Monday, January 11, 2010

A weird and almost scary morning ( Warning discussion involving mucus follows)

ok.  usualy not huge on the blogging about "how my day went" kind of stuff,  but this one had me a little freaked out and first, and writing helps calm me down. 
many peopel if you've ever had a bad cold or allergies know the feelign, when you have some mucus drain from your nasal passages towards the back of your throat.  I can't describe the feeling,but most people should know what I'm talking about.  The average person at this point, swallows, or spit's it up or whatever you do to get rid of "drainage" .

this morning I woke up with that same feeling in my throat.  I've been taking some allergy meds, specifically to deal with overnight drainage, so this was nothing abnormal for me.  however when I tried to get rid of it,  t wouldn't come out.  I tried the usual gargle squeeze spit rotation with no luck , it felt solidly lodged.

this is hen I started to worry a little bit, because here Im; thinking I have this huge wad of phlegm and it wont coem out,  os I call my wif,e and ask her to get a flashlight.  I open my mouth she looks and says "dear.. .that's not phlegm that's your uvula!"

Then I freak a little,  for those that may not know, the uvula is that little dangley thing at the back of your throat.  Mine was apparently extremely swollen and aggravated.  To the point where I was in fact capable of swallowing it.  which of course didn't work to well or feel good, but I had thought it was phlegm at the time.

So I'm panicking just a little, but I have a knack for logical thought.  I go online and check it out.  Apparently it's fairly common.  More common amongst drinkers and/or smokers.  and it's nothing to fear.  Basically 99% of the time, it's cause from falling asleep with your mouth open,  your mouth dries out and then you snore, and the thing gets all agitated and irritated and swells up.  Treatment is pretty straight forward.  Gargle with salt water regularaly, and try to eat/drink really really cold stuf,f  chew ice-chips and eat ice cream if you can....  Ive heard of worse hoem remedies mind you, but I'm not big on the ice cream,  always loved my drinks just a touch above solid ice-block temperature though. 

So that' my semi scary morning.

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