Monday, January 18, 2010

This is Awesome

Right now my almost 5 year old son, and my Wife, are playing Connect 4 on the Wii.
It doesn't get much cooler.

yes sure I know we could buy a regular game of connect four and play,  but honestly, it was cheaper to buy the Wii game ,than to buy the same 56 eperate games it contains,  then you figure itn the different play modes etc.  it's very cool.  What's more there are fringe benefits.  Each player gets to create a score card, and design a Mr. Potato head, to represent them,  as you accomplish more things in the game, different unique and interesting potato head parts are unlocked that you can change your representative potato with.

Also I wanted to see how well my so ndid with the Wii remote.  the game does use the motion sensor predominantly rather than the buttons, and he's handling it fairly well,  we'll be ble to graduate him to more complex games later one, and the Controller will already be familiar to him,I like the idea of being able to play some of my favorite games with him.

interestingly enough is the attention span.   his attention span while playing the game is far greater than it has been with TV shows, DVD's or others.  As of this writing, he's been sitting there solid, playing, having fun "blocking mommy" for a good 15 - 20 minutes.

As another side note, we get a better chance to see how he deals with loosign  I know I sound liek some cold logical psych professor running an experiment,  but that's not my intent when they sat down to play,  just observation after the fact.   He doesn't min loosing it seems,  he simply cheers for Mommy and tells her "good job"

I  couldn't be more proud.

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