Thursday, January 21, 2010

Test post with Live Writer


Just me making a test post with live writer,  the ret will probably be a ramble & rant on various topics,  feel free to ignore it all

So anyway  today has been off to a weird start, last night was trash night, and  I was just not doing great physically,  we got trash trash out, but usually we make trash day a general cleaning day as well ,and most of it didn’t get done.  Kids were extra cranky all day, and we had a LOT of running around to do, plus some family drama to deal with.   so unfortunately that put things way behind , now today it’s all “stacked up” so it’s like looking at a mountain and trying to get motivated to climb it, instead of usual gently sloping hill of chores.

Going to go get breakfast, and attempt to put on some music and get everyone in gear.