Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Small Victory for Common Sense


Banned " sexy" dictionary goes back to classrooms | Manila Bulletin

A committee of teachers and Parents, got the Dictionary put back into the classrooms, with the provision that individual parents would be allowed to determine whether or not their child has access to that book


Thank god, Sane minds prevailed.  Sure theirs a weird proviso and some extra leg work. 

Wait what am I saying,  fuck that, fuck thee parents, fuck the school board.  it’s a fricking dictionary,  the entry for oral sex, isn’t even that graphic, I looked it up.   Here it is: oral stimulation of the genitals

That’s it.  That’s all some kid would have seen, had he, for some reason stumbled across it.  And now because of that, Kids need a permission slip, to use the dictionary.

Tell you what, I want to meet the Parent who originally filed this complaint, so that i can personally Slap them.