Thursday, January 07, 2010

New PC Woe's

The new Alienware M17x is working pretty good, sorta, almost.

a few minor glitches.
World of Warcraft which i use as the vehicle for my machinima, is not really designed to take advantage of conjoined Grafix cards, or multiple processors.,  so although my frame-rates are good,  i was hoping for htem to be great,  because playing at a given frame rate, you then need to subtract about 12 - 15 frames per second once you hit the record button.  so I was hopping to have really good frame-rates to start with, so as to record at 40+ FPS.   I can accomplish this if i lower resolution and detail levels a fair amount,  but again  the point was to be at the "oh my god that's stunning" level of quality, not the "that's pretty good" level.

alas a similar problem befalls me with bryce.  you can see some examples of Bryce work to your right.  Bryce 6.5 documentation says it takes full advantage of dual-core CPU's.
the documentation lies.  after doing some research it's a common and well known problem ,tat the makers of bryce simply refuse to address,  the program with, use 50% of my CPU at most.   The end result is that this mosnter of a machine renders at about the same speed as the system i bought 3 - 4 years ago, the Athlon FX2 system that met it's end in this very basement

and lastly a problem that developed a day or so ago, out of the blue.  anytime he system returns from standby or sleep, or even from a log-off/switch-user screen, my CPU buries itself at 100% usage. what's weird is that i can't figure out what process is usign up the CPU,  tried a handful of different process managers, the windows built in task manage,r processs hacker, process explorer, etc.  on all of them there is no process that seems to be using mpre than about 15% CPU, and even adding all running processes together doesn't come anywhere near 100%.  it's weird

preventign the computer from turning off the monitor seems to be the only workable solution so far, but that's not overly practical.  I have yet to find any information for it online, I may have to try and call Dell support. Restartign also works, but agian, not practical to reboot every time my monitor shuts off

and lastly, an issue with some of the alienware software.  an addon pack called "alienGUIse"  essentialy a branded implimentation of stardock my colours and theme manager, to give you really cool unique icons and pointers and so on so forth.  I tried it,  it was cool, but I didn't overly care for it.  so i selected " return tpo default theme" then uninstalled it.   unfortunately the icons form ost types of folders remain skinned,  icons for my computer, docs ,recycle bin etc, all went back to normal,  it's only the folder icons.

what little info i found regarding this issue talks about rebuilding your icon cache, which I've done a couple times to no avail.

overall these are minor things, but at the same time, i mean,  if you buy a Cheap ford compact car, you expect a certain amount of problems.  if you go out and buy yourself a Lamborghini, you want it to be flawless, that's what your paying for after all right?

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