Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My sons birthday & sounding like a Jerk

okay, fair warning I may sound like an ungrateful jerk right now, but I'm annoyed.

My sons birthday is coming up, my Son will be turning 5 years old.  much like many 4 year olds, he is often very vocal about what he likes and what he wants.  My grandmother often has something for him anytime she comes down stairs.  in fact, she never comes down for a purely social visit,  if we don't have any Dr's appointments or anything ,we may not see her for  weeks at a time.  both a blessing and curse that, but a different matter from my current annoyance.  so general she has something for the kids when she comes down,  be it a toy from the store, or a sweet-treat, banana  something.   not a problem there, but it led to the behavior of Jack every time he sees her, telling her what he wants... naming whatever toy is foremost on his mind that month.

So lately he's been asking for his latest Thomas obsession "Harvey"  Today my grandmother came down and complaiend to m for about 10 min, about how expensive it was to buy Harvey for him.  $17
Now differnet people may have different thought on the relative term "expensive" and how that applies to a monetary unit of $17.  but that's not the issue
the issue is, that no one asked her to buy that toy for him (well aside from Jack himself) nor did she bother to see what me & my wife were planing to buy.  She just went out and bought it, and then felt the need to complain to me,  not like in passing, mentioning it,  but to sit down, and complain for 10 minutes about it.

I fe;t like screaming at her "take it back then"   I mean , even the like passing mention ''it was kinda pricey"  that's conversation and just the way my grandmother is,  i can deal with that, but why sit here and complain for 10 solid minutes?  If money is that tight, buy him something cheaper, or better yet, buy nothing at all, I;m okay with that,  I do not expect people to buy my som stuff or his birthday, I don't demand it of people, I don't require it.  we aren't even really having a party.   Now yes, I realize, it's in the grandmother contract to spoil grandchildren, or in this case great-grandchildren on their birthdays, but that's her choice.  it just really bugged me that's all.

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