Friday, January 15, 2010

Misleading title but good info, SLAVES DIDN'T BUILD PYRAMIDS!

Egypt: New Find Shows Slaves Didn't Build Pyramids - US News and World Report

the problem here is the title.  it's not a new find that proves it,  this is a new find, the re-enforces previous finds.   it says so right in the article,
The tombs of people who's specifc duty it was to build the pyramids, were first found in 1990.  That's right.  1990.  we've known for better that 20 years, that slaves, did not build the pyramids.

now  those of you who know me, might know what's comming next

The bible... is wrong  period.

I'm not here to attack peoples faith, you can believe in god and Jesus all you want, and the bible is a nice collection of inspirational and moral tales.  
it is not, a literal recording of history
it is not fact.

that's the main thing about many religious people that gets under my skin,  is the people who take the bible as literal fact.  
problem  it started as an oral history, and the first written version didn't come around till nearly 200 years after Christs death.   ever play the telephone game,  oral traditions get distorted. 
then lets not forget a certain emperor calling a council to have people VOTE, human people, voting, to decide which of the collected writing's would be included....  and that was in the early days,  don't even get me started on the king james.

That aside,  the Archeology involvedi s pretty cool.  it shows that the Egyptian placed high value even the lower class, manual laborers of their society.  It' a lesson I think we could learn from.  Think about the level of respect you show your doctor, or a favorite authoer or movie star,  then next tiem you go out,  give that same reverence and respect to your waiter.  After all who's doign the more important job,  the guy who makes you laugh, or the guy who prepairs your food?

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