Saturday, January 30, 2010

Macmillan demands e-books cost the same as print books, Amazon says “Screw you”


Amazon and Macmillan go to war: readers and writers are the civilian casualties Boing Boing


Basically here’s the Short version of the story, and mind you, some of it is speculation.  The things that happened happen, but the motive behind the occurrence is speculation.


Macmillan publishing who also owns TOR along with several other smaller publishing houses, Demanded that Amazon raise the price of their kindle e-books to $15 to match their printed Copies.  Amazon seems to have replied by pulling all Macmillan & subsidiary books off the site.


Unfortunately, I kind of have to side with Amazon here, e-books should be significantly cheaper than print,  there’s far FAR FAR less overhead cost for the publisher, and yet a wider distribution network, and a fairly good profit margin to be had.


Problem is, it’s the writers who are really getting screwed in this battle, as they have no direct say-so in what the publishing companies do with their books (much like musicians and record labels)  so now the authors, are set to loose their share of the profits, through actions that they can not control