Friday, January 08, 2010

I'm impressed with this 4th Edition hous rule for crafting

Rituals for Martial Classes « Jonathan Drain’s D20 Source: Dungeons & Dragons Blog

Ok  this has got to be one of the best idea's I've seen so far or bringing crafting back into 4th edition.   Sure there have been other suggestions that were built using the rituals mechanic, but the devil's in the details.  I'm only curious about the suggested difficulty levels,  10 -19 for avearage standard quality seems steep to me,  and a bit of a large gap,  but I don't play 4th edition as much,  I'm familiar with the check's but don't have hardly any experience with skill checks during play. 
If i recall a trained skill gets a +5,  so a overall skill bonus in a trained skill is  5+(attribute bonus) + (1/2 level).  So a 2nd leve characte, traiend and with a 16 in the relevant atribute would be looking at 5+3+1+(die-roll) , so sure, makign standard qualit,y is pretty in the bag for this highly specialized character,  but getting over that hump to 20 you're looking at a 11 or better  not horrible odds, but from what I understand of 4th,  the thoguht process behind a lot of the HP increases etc, was that you ARE an adventurer,  not that you want to be one, and walked off te farm yesterday, but that you've essentially already got some "field experience" as it were.

so here we have a guy who's natural gifted,  almost born to be a blacksmith (traiend skill plus nearly highest attribute,  highest if the character still wants to be reasonably functional in other endevors) and he has a 50/50 chance of makign an item that's of igher quality than the schlub next door that learned it last week.

in fairness 'm being extremely picky,  but I love my craft skills, with a passion.  and again I want to re-iterate that this is th best one I've seen to date,  and I've seen a lot.  this one is simple, fast, the economics are semi-realistic, especially considering 4E's general economical problems.  also it doesn't require inventing a new mechanic,  it's straightforward, and uses the rules as is in the game.

Hat's off to you Jonathaan this will probably be making an appearance in my 4E campaign (as soon as I brow-beat my GM a little) Thoguh I may toy with the DC's a little, perhaps make "standard" 10 - 16 or something, just to see how it plays out.

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