Saturday, January 16, 2010

Child to recieve councelign for building a motion detector

Science project prompts SD school evacuation -
also Cory Doctrow's write-up

Okay, the short and skinny of it,  an 11 year old kid, built a motion detector, out of a Gatorade bottle and some basic electronics parts.
The principal, sae a bottle with wires, and decided it was a bomb.  Evacuated the school, vcalled thebomb squad.   but wait, it gets better.  the bomb squad spent almost 4 hours determining that this was, in fact, not a bomb.  But the authorities are recomending counseling for the student and his parents, but no charges will be brought forth.

okay, I have to say, I'm so sick of this shit.  we have had one terrorist attack by foreign countries in our nations entire history people.  Now I do not want to detract from the tragedy of that incident, it was terrible, and a lot of people died.  a decade ago.  Now here we sit, 10 years later, paranoid as all fuck.  guess what,  the terrorists won.  why do they call it terrorism?  look at the origin of the word....  It is an act designed to strike fear into people.   for the first few weeks after 9/11 we had this whole "we won't let it break our spirit" thing going,  that was AWESOME!.   Now everyone sits in their homes, afraid.  afraid to get on a plane, afraid to open their mail. 

The TSA has gone insane with it's policies, and Schools, think anything with Wires are explosives  "zero-tolerance" is everywhere, even in pre-schools.   There are even cases, of the police screening at the kindergarten level for early signs of Muslim behavior, s a potential terrorist profile.
you know what all this means?   It means the Terrorists got exactly what they wanted.  they made us so deathly afraid of them, that we can no longer function, day-to-day as we once did.  They have irrevocable, changed our lives, our society, and our culture.  Frankly that saddens me

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