Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Intel? Anti-competitive? The hell you say...

FTC Suing Intel For Anti-Competitive Practices - Intel - Gizmodo

Long story short the FTC is FINALY doing something about Intel.

this has been a problem for over a decade.

One of their biggest transgressions at least in my opinion, is their "exclusive-deal/blacklisting" option that they gave to boardmakers.

See here's the problem

i9f you want an AMD processor, the board can have an AMD chip, ir Sis, or a Via, or several others.

if your board is goitng o have an intel CPU, it has to have an intel chip period.

and Intel would proclaim to board manufactures, in essence "if you carry any AMD products at all we'll never do business with you, ever, on any product"

They were able to essentially ck AMD out of the east-asian market for quite sometime with this practice.

There's also been claims of falsifying benchmarks, bribery, and all sorts of other unconfirmed rumors, that in my opinion seem about as likely as anything else they've been caught doing.

Now.  on that note I want to be clear here.
I'm a fan of AMD,  I believe they make a better product,  that's not to say that Intel's are crappy or bad, or whatever else
Intel makes a good solid reliable product.  It's their business practices that are being called into question

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