Thursday, November 19, 2009


I have been trying to configure a Laptop, that will suit my needs for the foreseeable future,  a good portion of those needs revolve around heavy graphics engines,. and intensive 3D support, namely 3D modeling and video editing. Bryce, Blender, Poser, 3D studio Max etc.

Now Graphics cards intended for gaming aren't necessarily the same as needed for modeling, but in the private sector, home market,  it's pretty much your best choice,  true Video cards designed specifically for design work can cost, thousands of dollars by themselves.   so my first thought, Alienware

I have to say, this company seems to have gone to Shit ever since Dell boguht them.  Their offerings have become muddled in Dells exclusive contracts with various distributors.  changing/limiting what components they offer, based on what deals they hav,e instead of what would make for a great system.

Alienware, used to be all about power, pure graphics adrenaline junky power.
Now their top of the line systems barely even keep pace with emerging technology let alone, being on the bleeding edge of it. 

I'll try to be fair here on this point, People that went to Alienware for a computer, usually weren't concerned about saving money.  but just because your willing to spend a lot, doesn't mean you should get fleeced.  You should get more bang for your buck. 

I was able to find comparable systems, from other vendors for comparable prices.
Most people are probably saying "oh well that's good, competition, free market etc."   but that's the problem

the hole point of Alienware, their business model, Was to offer the top notch, horribly expensive, extreme, bleeding edge technology, that other companies didn't.   They were cramming dual SSD drives into laptops almost 2 years before any other company did.

That, is gone,  that's my problem.  I want to get the best graphics, a laptop can offer, and I'm not seeing that anymore with Dell-ware Laptops.  sure it's got more power than their XPs line, but it's not really cutting edge anymore.  

if I want real graphics power, I'd have to go with a desktop.  that's not what I need.   Two years or so ago, when alienware was it's own company, I wouldn't have had to make that distinction.

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