Monday, October 05, 2009

Free Range kids Outrage

Outrage of the Weekend: Eek! A Male! « FreeRangeKids

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Here's the story.  A month ago, a man asked one of the girls in his preschool class to pass out napkins before snack time.
She went home and told her her parents that she was the teachers "special helper".
the parents, pulled her from the class.

Afew days ago, a child fell down, and got slightly hurt.  the man knelt down, comforted the child, an during this process, kissed the girl on the forehead.

A parent saw this, and immediately assumed he was some sort of sicko.

I don't think I'm the only one here, that believes this to be an over-reaction.

Let me try this


I'm sorry, but I hate this I really do.  shows like "to catch a predator" and the general media, are driven by RATINGS.  they know damn well that scaring people, gets them to watch, tand they have everyone convinced that there's child molestors, and kidnapper on every corner.  it needs to stop!!

How many parents worry about their child being kidnapped in a public place?  Show of hands?

Fact:  Less than 40 children are kidnapped in the US every year, of those more than 80% are kidnapped by someone they know, not a stranger.   those are the verifiable FACTS!!

You want some child molestation facts?  ok

I tried to find some actual criminal statistics on child molestation,   they were hard to find,  most were unverifiable claism by "child safety" sites, saying that, 1 in every 3 girls and one in every 5 boys is molested before age 18

this is a very inappropriate figure, as according to law, a pair of 17 year old kids "going all the way" with each other, means both now count as molested.  that aside, lets do some math

1 in 5 boys, 1 in 3 girls, lets call that 1 in 4 kids ok?

As of 2000 according to the census bureau there were 70.2 million kids in America

70,200,000 divide by 4 = 17,550,000

So if the above statistics were true, 17.5 million children are molester every year, even the paranoid might find that figure high, lets continue

The cops arrest 9700 child molesters every year.  Lets assume they catch, say one third? that's 29,100 child molestors out there.  see where this is going?  that would mean each child molester out there, has to molest a  little over 603 kids

That sound right to you?

Maybee you think there's a LOT of molesters that don't get caught? say we only catcvh a tenth that would still mean that each child molester in the US would have to molest 181 kids.

It's just not happening people,  get it through your heads.

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