Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Collecting solar power from black holes

Collecting Solar Power, the Black Hole Way - Boing Boing

An interesting bit on Boing Boing about some MIt researches, which are trying to discuss ways to use light-bending particles, to colelct energy from within black holes.   The theory is sound.  even lgiht can not escape the intense gravity of a black hole.  So that means a whoel crap-load of light is being sucked in fro mall around the hole.  So why not put a solar panel there?   save for the black hole crushing the solar panel.

So the guys at MIt want to use the same type of stuff, that's intended to one day make Harry-potter like invisibility cloaks to get aroudn that problem.  A fairly interesting read if you are into science type stuff.

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