Saturday, January 24, 2009

The suckage of Life

Well today has had a rather sucky occurrence. My hard drive took a dump. It starts making a horribly ugly clunk-ing sound shortly after powering on

it's a Seagate 320Gig SATA2 hard drive, which currently lives inside an external enclosure, connected n 8 year old laptop via USB 1.0

it was not good times from the start, but it worked. Today though it shut down. Unfortunately is where all my data is stored. I have my music, movies, financial information etc. all stored on this drive.

what hurts the most is that stuff I had gotten for my kids is on there. some various old TV episode,s some of his favorite music and video's (mostly Thomas the tank engine and lazy town)

and he just t back fro ma week long visit with the in-laws. He wanted m,e to play his favorite song and I can't.

he doesn't understand why i can't i tried simply telling him "it's broke" but to a 4 year old, it doesn't make a different, he wants what he wants and doesn't really understand why i "won't'" play it for him, and it's tearing my heart out. he's been crying for about 30 min straight now, and it's just gut-wrenching.

unfortunately 's little to be done about it, I have almost 10,000 worth of useless non-functional systems sitting under my desk, most need less than $100 worth of parts/repairs. but I can't do anything bout it. The wiring in this basement keeps destroying everything at I plug into it.

The hard drive problem is a weird one, because Windows does not recognize the drive and assign it a letter until after it's powered on fully, and read fully (due to it being on USB) seeing it starts thumping right after power on, it doesn't even get assigned a drive letter, making it next to impossible to run any sort of diagnostic tool on it.

I do not know anyone that has a computer with SATA connectors that I could plug it into, I can't afford to get a controller card for it, and I wouldn't have anything to plug said controller card into anyway.

So basically I'm screwed.

The real kick i t he nuts is that I DID have backups, I was forced to leave them behind in another state when we moved.

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