Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lots of news

it's bween a long long time since my last psot
lots has been going on and i've had very little internet access

First & foremost, there is a new family member on the way, my Wife is pregnant again
this will be our 3rd child, we already have a 3.5 year old boy and a 2 year old daughter.

I'll be the first to admit, that the timing of this isn't the greatest, but i love my kids, and me & Erica, back when we first got together, always said we would like to have 3 kids. so I'm looking at this as a good thing.

My internet access has been almost completely cut off. My mother didn't pay her cable bill for the lat 5 months apparently, so now it's gone. and seeign as that's wherEi was able to go once a week to get online things have gotten more difficult.

the library closest to where i live doesn't really offer free wi-fi, many others in the area do, but it's a matter of transportation ,convincing my grandmother to drive 15 minutes away, rather than to the library that's just down the street is a problem.

I've been referred to Michigan rehab for vocational assistance, not sure what they can really do for me. They want me to go to college, great cool. i have to apply for grants, and financial aid, and student loans FIRST, then they will help me with whatever is left over.

So basically if I'm lucky they might try to over my books... wow

i talk to them about trying to get, you know, some clothes, so i can go on interviews, and such in something other than flip-flops and sweat pants, that doesn't seem to be something they do.

So for now it's still the same old bullshit, I'm in a holding pattern.
I've been working on trying to file bankruptcy to get my credit in order, but to do that i need a credit report, and the credit agencies want proof of address, above & beyond my State ID, they want a copy of a lease or utility bill
well I'm living in soemoens basement, I don't have either of those. so what am I suppsoed to do?

Well that's the updates for now.