Saturday, June 07, 2008

My New Wishlist!!!

External HP DVD Burner
Something that would be of extreme use to me at the moment, as the clunky laptop I have, only has a 12 Gig drive, after installing windows and a few necessary Software apps, that leaves me with like, no room for anything.

Blank DVD's
To go with Above

Blank DVD-DL's
To go with above

These would help me,, A: retain Data, B: burn some more movies for my kids, V: possibly recover about 100 Disks I can't read right now (every TDK brand DVD I ever owned, have stopepd beign readable on every PC I've got acess to)

To add to this a Nice Wireless N router and Adapters would be reallyn ice, unfortunatley, there seems to be a lack of "good" wireless N routers out so far seeign as the wireless N specs are still in draft, Manufacturers have put out Wireless N routers, but haven't exactly put their full R&d and/or Manufacturing muscle behind said products.

the only net conection I have now is if i come over to my moms, and hook up my Linksys WRT54G v6 router, which is Damaged from beign tossed around in several moves.

My Compaq Evo N600c Laptop Doesn't evne have builti n wireless, has little RAM, and is usign a Linksys WPC54G Cardbuss wireless Cad. The housing has been busted, so it literalyi s jsut a peice of exposed circuit board that slides, not-so-snugly into my Laptop.

My wife has an IBM Thinkpad T40 With a 60Gig Hard drivei n it, it has built in wireless of the 802.11b variety, allowign her a whopping 1.1 Mb/sec max bandwidth, assuming we could get a good conection.

that's the next problem in my moms house there is a wireless printer, 6 wireless handesets for a wireless phone system, wireless surround sound speakers, and two walls between where the router/Cable-modem are, and where we have to setup laptops.

Did I mention neathier of us have functionoing battereis, so both laptops must stay tehtered to the wall?


Plus keeping an eye on the kids of course. And then usualy we get to stay (barely) overnight, meaning that if we don't sleep at all, we get around 16 hours of internet use over couple of weeks, at low datarates with frequent disconects.

okay, now that I've more or less vented about that, I'll refrain from going on at length about my really nice Dual-core system that got destroyed by bad wiring and inept painters.

I will however say that 4th edition D&D kicks far too much ass for words. had my copies of the books (PDF) for abot 2 weeks now, must say I'm very very impressed. My wife who normaly abhors D&D has already made 3 characters. most of them in under 20 min each.