Friday, May 02, 2008

New blogging Service


continuign their campaign fro free speech the owners of ThePirateBay have opened up a new service. Along with BayImage (a free image hosting service) they now also offer BayWords. This is a free blogging host, basedo n wordpress. as with their other services. it's all about unrestricted content, and lack of any form of censorship.

these guys are serious when it coems to free speach, and are doign anything & everythign to help the online world realize a truley free internet.
the service is JUSt started, so is a little minimalistic a the moment, thoguh this is somewhat misleading. It has all the usual wordpress bells & whistles, which is significant.

I've started an accoutn there, not sure that i'll switch over, however, but I liek what they ae doing & wanted to check it out