Thursday, May 01, 2008

My Family

    Well this past week my Family, moved back in with me permanently.  I'm very happy and excited about this.  I've missed my kids & my wife so much.  To make a long story short, there was some stuff going on down where they were living with her mom & step dad that was not only bad for the kids, but frankly illegal. After begging and pleading with my Grandmother & Ralph they agreed to take my whole family in, and we moved her up here on Saturday the 26th. 

    Of course my luck benign what it is, no sooner do they get here & I become fairly Ill.  I believe a nasty combination of Strep throat + a cold and/or allergies.  So I've been feeling miserable most of the week.  But it's good to have the kids back.  and it's great to see my wife again, to be able to hold her & hug her.  This coming Friday (the 2nd) she has an appointment with WIC. 

    Once we get settled we'll be looking for work, trying to acquire transportation (which has always been one of our biggest problems) and all that fun stuff.

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