Sunday, April 13, 2008


okay, liong long time since my last post, too much going on in my life to get into too much detail, suffice to say it has not been good. More than once I've been on the verge of hurtign myself, and that's not good at all. People who know me probably think of me as fairly stable and good at dealign with stress, but everyoen has their limit, mine was reached a few motnhs ago.

that asid,e instead of doign my normal One-post-per-article format, I'm goign to post a bunch of articles all in one post here. mainly to save soem time & typing. The slowness fo runign a protable web browser ,off a USB stick on an old computer with USB 1.1 is slowly causign me to pull my hair out.

First up
Wired; How to shop & eat locally

A really good article about how to find localy grown produce, and other oodies. soem places are lucky, where my mom lives there's a farmers market, literaly less than a block away from her, but it's not open in winter. other places it's a lot harder to find localy grown food. This article is a great help, Locally grown food is usualy better for you (as in health wise) better for the planet and a host of other virtues extoled by the media. But for me personally. it's about one thing. the taste. with my recent foray's into culinary studym I've coem to realize how much of a difference the quality of an ingrediant can make in a recipie. Peopel may call me nuts, but until you've tried it for yourself it is hard to believ,e but you really can taste the difference between, for example, cheap any-brand eggs, and organic vegitarian fed, cage free eggs. I can usualy even see the difference whiel cooking, the yolk is a darker shade of ywellow, and has a richer taste. Anyway, check out the article for soem great advice on local goods, sometiems they can even be cheaper than the big stores!

Next Up!
Lifehacker: Photosttching & panoramas with free software
Great article with linsk to free softwar,e about doing nice photostitches/panoramas. All the mentioend software is 100% free (as in beer, not necisarily open Source though) and it even gives a siome decent tips on it's usage.

Lifehacker: Findign the perfect Cell plan
Lifehacker talsk about usign an online resource called "billshrink" to find te best/cheapest cell phone plan for yourself :)
Nice website, Every day a different item goes up, that's free to download, many tiems this is comercial software. I'm assmign there is soem kind of kickback for the originating software companies such as advertising or even simple promotion/publicity, but hey, who cares why they are givign it away, pioint is, it's free, and perfectly legal.

Lifehacker Again!
Offers DirUtils to oraganize your PC
Handy little set of utils that snap themselvesi nto windows right click menue, allowign for easy orginization of files. Some may think "that's what a mouse is for" but ahh. you have much to learn Lets say you jsut downloaded 5000 Mp3's (;ega;y of course ) and wish to sort them alphabeticaly into sub folders, Dir util;s can do this at a click , creatign folders A-Z and movign the appropriate files into them , it can do a similar trick for sorting by extension, or "unify" taking all the files from within the subfolders of where you clicked, and movign them up into the folder you clicked on. All things that can be done by hand, this jsutm akes it easier and quicker.

LH Again FTW!
Lifehacker: Find local FREE Wi-fi hotspots quick and easy
This article discuses, and links to a google-maps mushup that allows you to enter you adress/zip and then pulsl up any known local FREE wi-fi hotspots. Nifty!

Think geek woo-hoo
Portable Power generator
Wearign this weill make youl ook like a total dork, but it's kind of cool. This unit, coems with a rechargable li-ion batery, and a fan, any breeze of 9mph or greater is enoguh to trickle charge the battery. the battery then has adapters to plug into most of your common gadgets including cell phones and mini-usb. after buying the base unit, you cna get, for isntance, and arm-strap straping hte fan to your arm ,the simpel movement of your arm while walkign a little...i guess.
and the solar panel add on can like, catch the suns rays in a totaly tubular gnarly way dude.
Honestly i love the idea behond this but I think it's not quite practical yet.

Finaly my favorite
BoingBoing Free Range Kids
an article discussing a new blog of interest to me (and hopefully others) about not beign a paranoid parent. Seriously. I've been on this train of thoguht for years. I want to protect my kids, don't get me wrong ,but there shoudl be some middle round between neglect, and keeping your child in a haz-mat bubble his whole life. I remember climbing trees, riding my bike without elbow & knee-pads, walkign across the street on my own. I turned out okay. Anyway, this blog is about peopel who want to raise Free-Range-Kids, lettign your kid walk to school alone, or ride a bike to the library, take a bus by himself. and other such, normal everyday activities.

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