Saturday, April 19, 2008

Test post - Qumana

Qumana is a remote/deskop blogging system  I'm lookign at a few right now ,to find one that suit my needs, as i don't always have a net conection avalible, I'm lookign for a blog editor that can sit on my desktop, I can make post, and then it will save them as drafts, and publish them 9with backdating if possible) once i have an active connection.

Qumana seems attractive, nice GUI, little slow to load, but lots of bells and whistles.  seems to be a newcomer to the field of blogging but looks promising.

it also has it's own advertising service, allowing you to auto-insert ads into your post, and earn revenue.  YOU choose at time of posting which keywords  best describe that particular post, and place ads in that post only .  so on my post about mini's I could put artistic only ads, or on my post about tech I could put computer related ads   kind of neat, not sure what the account details for their advertising service are though, but it's a cool idea.

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