Saturday, April 19, 2008

Okay Test post, now using W.Blogger

the fist thing i'm noticing, is that Aside from all the different optiosn I can't seem to find a way to title my Post!!
not sure how much I liek that

W.blogger i used once ages andf ages ago, but had little luck. At the time it didn't fulyl support blogger, then it did, but Goggle switched blogger to the new API and it got pooched ahiasn , now it seems to fulyl support the new API, and it seems to be doing ok. W.Blogger even has a portable version that i can stick on my thumb drive which is convienent. I wonder if the ".post" format for saved drafts will be compatable with other software. would be neat i it werwe.

noicing a lack of a few things, like tags, talkback & trackign URLs.