Thursday, April 17, 2008

enDNS+Google must read

Prevent OpenDNS From Redirecting Google Searches - Fix for Firefox & IE Address Bar

okay This Thread and This blog-post Talk about some craziness.

i'll try to some up, but for those of a technical mind go read
Essemtia;y google partnered with Fell and soem other comp manufacturers, to isntall redirectign software, that customizes search results
open DNS decided to re-re-direct search results throguh openDNS. for everyone. the ned result is that if you used openDNS you weren't getting real google search results, it was gettign pushed throguh openDNs cache servers, and generatiign different, and in many cases slower results

openDNs was tryign to put a curtail on what they saw as unethuical buisness practices on the part of google/dell et.all bnut made it imposible to turn the feature off, and appleid it to everyone. needless to say this caused a lot of headache & heart ache. so linked above is a nice work around. as i still love OpenDNs but personaly think they made one really dumb mistake i want to keep using them ,and this little trick will allow me to continue using google normaly until things change.

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