Wednesday, March 19, 2008

people neverl isten to the tech geeks

BBtv - How to hack RFID-enabled credit cards for $8 - Boing Boing

remember about a year ago. Me and every other net-nerd cried abotu the forcomeign doom of RFID. peopel said "no no it's secure" We said it was a bad idea, peopel ignored us.
guess what, it takes $8 to steal your Credit Card and money if you have one with the new RFID chips. mind you this is the same Chip that is now in your passport, and some state ID's.
this is making it EASIER to get your card, i can get all your card info, just by walking within a few feet of you, in a public store, an $8 card reader of e-bay can read a card from a couple feet away, spending a few more bucks on a nice antenna, would look conspicuous, but could be disguised as a small router taken into a starbucks, and easily scam the info of everyone in the building

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