Thursday, February 21, 2008

My experiences, with Firefox 3 beta 3

Mozilla Firefox 3 Beta 3 Release Notes

Things to look forward to

First off bookmarks I can not express in any geekly terms how awesome this change is bookmarks have been changed from a simple HTML file, to a SQL database. This means easier backups, faster loading, and additional info , including TAGS.
auto complete was nice, but it works mainly off your history. Now it also works off the title of the bookmarks, the url of the bookmarks, and also any Tags you have added. This can be a useful feature in many cases, for instance, all the bookmarks I have concerning anime, i added the tag, surprise surprise, "anime" to, so even if anime is not in the title or description, it will be pulled up if I type in "anime" in the address bar.

The download manager has been tweaked, additional features have been added, including resuming across sessions.

also site info , you know how certain sites, have the little icon that appears in the address bar? you can now click on that icon to get more info about the site & it's owners.

Full page zooming, now instead of just increasing or decreasing the text size, you can zoom an entire page, including the images, which helps preserve the layout, also Firefox 3 can remember your zoom settings for particular websites.

Also Firefox 3 Uses Cairo now, which offers more flexibility, and in many cases faster page renders

As well as many other fixes, over 350 memory leaks have been plugged, overall Firefox 3 represents well over two million lines of code changes compared to the current 2.012 including a complete re-write of the page rendering engine.

My personal experience with it has been VERY good, 90% of my extensions already support Firefox 3 Beta 3 including: adblock plus, dapperfox, download status bar, fireshot, Google notebook, interclue, PDF download, and scribefire (which I'm usign to write this post from Firefox 3)

It is beta, but it's late stage beta, IMO a lot of what's left is polish, I've had no problems with it so far, and even running from my thumb drive over a usb 1.1 port, on an old crappy computer, the speed difference between Firefox 3 and 2 has been noticeable.

All in all I'm very pleased and eagerly await the final release.