Monday, January 07, 2008


Well first off, I can no longer view my wifes live journal.

since their buyout, things have started to suck there IMO.

now mind you, i log onto LJ regularly, I read other peoples blogs, regularly, I haven't posted to my blog in ages.

my account has been closed & purged.

mind you, i was not notified of this, no e-mail, no warning, no notification, I simply tried to log on, and received a message sayign the accoutn was no longer available. and since my wifes LJ is friends only... well...
screw you LJ

Not only did you degrade my account, from a paid account, 6 months before you were supposed to, now you've deleted my account entirely.

Also, in the mail today I received a letter from State of Ohio wanting child support,. fun fun.

my wife & i are not divorced, not separated (emotionally) etc. we simply aren't living together right now because no one has the room for all 4 of us, and to me, it was important that the kids stayed with their mom.

but seeing Erica applied for Wellfare, the State of Ohio automatically, puts me down for child support.

On top of it all my grandmother is going insane
I've cleaned her cabinetes, caulkedh er windows, wether sealed/shrink-wrapped the doors & windows, Cleaned the fireplace, bought with my own money, the chemicals to properly clean, smoke/fire/soot damage from the brick and tile aroudn the fire place. from my own money replaced, over 15, seperate 100 watt lightbulbs with the compact flourecent, according to my math saving her around $8/mo.
she does not pay for my food nor any of my other requirements. and i live in a room they weren't using, do my own laundry, cooking etc.

But she swears i don't appreciate her, and I don't love her either.

yeah I'm in a GREAT environment for getting better & de-stressed and un-depressed