Friday, January 25, 2008

Deluge BitTorrent Client

Deluge BitTorrent Client

Today I want to introduce you to a new Open Source bit torrent client called Deluge.

this client combines everything I love about Azureus, with everything I love about Utorrent.

some of you may think that is a hefty claim, note that i said what "I" love. but if you read on, I believe you'll find a lot to back it up

First Deluge is pretty. the recent 5.8 update gave the windows version a whole new Theme. originally it had the default, flat, practical yet boring look that came with all GTK for windows apps. now it has a new nicer cleaner looking theme. Unfortunately I can't upload a screenshot at the moment :(

What it has is a very small resource footprint much like utorrent, but a plug-in system like azureus, from what i can tell this app takes a LOT from azureus, but dumped the often unwieldy Java, for Python instead.

for you non programing non nerd types, what this means is you don't need Java to run this, and Java has a unfortunate tendency, to use a lot of RAM

Some of the more notable plug-ins that come with it are, the block list importer, Flex RSS, scheduler, and a Web UI. those are just a few of many mind you.

also one thing I like, many Basic functions are designed as plug-ins, such as the ability to move completed torrents to a different folder, network activity graph, Torrent creator. For people who don't use these things, for example if you use a separate program to make your torrents, you can de-activate these plug ins, thereby reducing resource usage even more.

it supports mainline DHT, also supports/respects the "private" flag in torrents, Utorrent peer exchange, UPnP and NAT-PMP. Basically all the stuff you could ever really want out of a torrent client.

Now like any client, the more torrents you add the higher memory usage will go, also depending on seeds, peers, encryption etc. but a nice baseline, of what the program uses while empty i believe is a fair way to compare clients. Right now sitting on my moms 6+ year old Sony Viao, WinXP system. Deluge is using up a total of 11Mb of Ram Compared to Azureus, which due to Java can often top 40 - 60 MB of Ram just idling, or Utorrent which can sometimes use less than 6Mb idle.

Another great feature of utorrent that's often unmentioned found it's way into Deluge.

if you happen across a torrent, from a new tracker that's already in your download list, it will ask you if you want to combine trackers. Azureus, would simply give you an error, Utorrent and Deluge will add the second tracker to the tracker list of the download that's already going.

I haven't played with the WbUI much yet, so i can't speak of it's layout too much.

Another nice, but small feature, many clients, when you download a torrent, will pop up a window, allowing you to pick and choose which files to get. Deluge has an extra little check box in the preferences dialog, that will make this window only pop-up if there is more than one file in the torrent, if there is only one file in the torrent, it goes right into que.

it's a small thing, but really nice.