Wednesday, January 09, 2008

dattebayo fansubs :: News (UPDATE)


dattebayo fansubs :: News

Well this kinda sucks, but I don't Blame DB, not one bit.

you know how they say "A few bad apples can ruin the bunch"
it's true.
and this proves it.
due to DB's continued requests being ignored, they are halting all fansubing, period, until their rules are followed.

Ir's simple enough people.
you download a fan sub from DB, that they spend lots of time, money, and effort, on translating for you. DO NOT turn around, and upload it to youtube, or etc.

that's all they ask.

but apparently that was asking too much. so now they are essentially shutting down operations.

The following was added to the original DB post a short while ago , clicking the link above will take you to the full article, but for the lazy.... (note the links don't actually work , have to goto the original article for those)

"UPDATE: HOW YOU CAN HELP -- Since YouTube "policy change", it's not as effective to flag individual videos as it used to be. However, you can still report them as spam, inappropriate, etc. The best solution is to report entire accounts, as that would also result in all their videos being removed. Majority of users who disregard our requests create single-role accounts strictly for uploading copyright infringing content. Reporting the users is possibly by clicking "report background image" on the bottom of their profile, such as this one or this one. Be civil in your comments, mention that these are single-role accounts created solely for the purpose of copyright infringement uploading, that they have been repeatedly banned in the past, etc etc. Thanks!"