Saturday, January 19, 2008


Just me, letting everyone know I'm still alive.
Granted, not sure entirely why.
seems that I'm doomed not be re-united with my wife & kids. we've been booted off the government housing list because, we owe money to a landlord... from like 6 years ago....

I'm working on trying o figure out why Silver Lake apartments insists that we owe them almost $4,000 but so far it's not looking good.

and we can't get put back on the list until the debt is settled.

Life with my grandparents get's harder by the day. I'm now doing plumbing work for them
and oh.
they are SOOO broke....

that Ralph has decided for some unknown reason he wants to run 200 amps to the house.
you can have a huge house, and a full auto-shop in your garage, and not need more than 150

not to mention his breaker box has like 8 empty slots, that's not enough, he wants to get a new one, with at least 12 empty slots, plus the several he's got filled,

oh and a new stove too.

and yet i ask for a few bucks to get some cheap clothes, and they can't afford it, so I'm still working on like 2 pair of pants, and 3 shirts.

I have lost about 60 lbs, I'm under 350 now... not being able to eat has that effect i guess.

so all in all my life pretty much sucks.

I'm trying to be positive about it, i really am, but it's not easy looking for work has been forbidden basically.

see my grandma & Ralph pick up their other grand kids from school everyday at 2:00, and don't get home till 6:00. so i am not allowed to go anywhere, during those times.
I'm also not allowed to go anywhere before 7:00 AM or after 7:00 PM because my grandmother wont drive at night.

there is no bus system near their place.

needless to say my options for working would be limited to say the least, that's forgoing any cu rent health issues & whatnot on my end.

oh can't use the phone either.
yeah it just keeps getting worse eh?

anyway, bye for now, see ya'll around.